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Other Pacific Hygiene Products

Facial Tissue
Pacific Deluxe
Packaging: 2-ply/100 Sheets Per Pack | 48 Packs Per Carton
Product Code: DF100

Facial Tissue
Pacific Classic
Packaging: 2ply/100 sheets per pack/48 packs per carton
Product Code: CF100

WipeOut Regular Cloths - SX61 packs
Wipe it up and wash it out
Colour coded for safety
HACCP compliant
Strong and low linting
Packaging: 20 wipes per pack 30 x 30, SX 61 packs   
Product Code: SX6126 Green, SX6128 Red, SX6130 Blue

WipeOut Regular Cloths - SX61 rolls
Wipe it up and wash it out
Heavy Duty
Colour coded for safety
HACCP compliant
Fast absorbancy
Packaging: 112 wipes per roll - 30cmx40cmx45m, SX 61 rolls
Product Code: SX6166 Blue, SX6162 Green      

Surface Wipes - SX200
Cleans, Disinfects and Kills
Norobirus approved 99.9%
Bleach and Alcohol free
Safe and neutral PH detergent
Fully biodegradable
Packaging: 200 wipes per pack
Product Code: SX200    

Surface Wipes - SX64
Colour coded for safety
100% washable (up to 50x)
High absorbancy (absorbs up to 10x its weight)
Ideal for commercial & domestic use
Food & Hospitability
Health & Hygience
Fish and Game
Packaging: 10 wipes per pack, 40cm x 40cm, 20 packs per case
Product Code: SX6400 Green, SX6402 Red, SX6404 Blue, SX6406 Yellow

Multi Cloth - SX6020
Removes dirt, leaves surfaces fresh and hygienic
Rapid absorbency
Extra thickness
Superior soil removal
Reuseable & low linting
Packaging: 100 white wipes per pack, 30cm x 30cm
Product Code: SX6020

Sorb-X - SX6202
All task Rag Replacement
Soft and versatile for all applications
No zips, buttons or pins
Phenomenal absorbency of machine and cooking oils
Hands Solvents & Reusable
Packaging: 112 wipes per roll, 30cm x 40cm x 45cm
Product Code: SX6202

Pacific Hygiene Kitchen Handee Towel Sorb-X - SX6101
2 ply Twin Pack
Sheet size 22.8cm x 28cm
Packaging: 70 sheets per roll, Twin Pack, 6 packs per poly bag. Product Code :PH-SX6101 




Pacific Hygiene Serviettes - bulky soft
Packaging – 2 ply/40 per pack/42 packs per carton
Product Code : PH-SX6021








Pacific Hygiene Air Freshener/ Deodorizer
Packaging – 85gm per unit, Approx 3,000 sprays per unit
Available in Apple, Pot Pourri, Sunburst,  &  Lemon
Product Code:  PH-PREF3000