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Health & Hygiene

Purely Baby - Baby Wipes
Gently fragranced , with Aloe Vera
Packaging :  80 Wipes per Pack
Product Code : HYG-PB106


Coastal Baby Wipes
Hypoallergenic, alcohol free and aloe & vitamin E
Packaging: 80 Wipes Per Pack
Product Code: NIC-SUPWET

Reynard Skin Care Wipes
Reynard Skin Care Wipes will gently cleanse, moisturise and condition the skin. They are ideal for hand cleansing when washing facilities are not readily available, Reynard Skin Care Wipes are strong and soft; perfect for hospital and rest home use.
Size: 20 x 33cm
Packaging: 50 Wipes Per Pack
Product Code: REY-RHS101

Reynard Incontinence Wipes
Reynard Incontinence Wipes are perfect for fast, effective and gentle cleansing, deodorising and moisturising. The pre-moistened wipes leave the skin feeling soft, fresh and smooth and replace the need for cloths, water, moisturiser and separate barrier cream. Using an all in one wipe helps promote good infection control practice whilst saving time and money.
Size: 33 x 22cm
Packaging: 25 Wipes Per Pack
Product Code: REY-RHS103

Reynard Multi-Purpose Wipes
Reynard Multi-Purpose Wipes are strong, large, absorbent and 100% biodegradable. They can be used in areas that require no residue to be left behind after cleaning and are ideal for Hospitals, Kitchens, Supermarkets, Industrial and Residential Sites.
Size: 38 x 42cm
Packaging: 50 Wipes Per Pack
Product Code: REY-RHS601

Reynard Soft Patient Wipes
Reynard Soft Patient Wipes are extremely soft, strong and exhibit excellent wet strength to meet the needs of patients and carers and can be used on hands, face and body. The wipes are made from a unique non-woven fabric that is extra absorbent and dries quickly and easily. These wipes are the softest in the range and are good flannel/face washer replacement.
Size: 33 x 29cm
Packaging: 100 Wipes Per Pack
Product Code: REY-RHS303

Reynard Surface Sanitising Wipes
Reynard Surface Sanitising Wipes are the safe answer to many of your cleaning requirements in both the Health and Food Industry. These non-tainting wipes contain a strong but gentle formula for safe and efficient cleaning of most hard surfaces.
Size: 33 x 22cm
Packaging: 50 Wipes Per Pack
Product Code: REY-RHS202

Reynard IPA Surface Disinfection Wipes
Reynard IPA Surface Disinfection Wipes are ideal for all healthcare professionals who require an effective solution to their infection control needs. The large sized wipes enable a quick and efficient disinfection to a variety of washable hard surfaces such as tables, counter-tops, trolleys, computer and x-ray equipment and stainless steel worktops. Reynard IPA Wipes are impregnated with 70% Isopropanol and a very low level of a nonionic surfactant which provides an effective disinfection of clinical surfaces. This product has been tested and proved to be effective against the following common micro organisms: MRSA, E.Coli, Salmonella typhimurium, Listeria monocytogenes, P. aeruginosa, Proteus vulgaris, C. albicans, A. niger.
Size: 20 x 22cm
Packaging: 160 Wipes Per Tub
Product Code: REY-RHS402

Reynard Antibacterial Hand Gel
Reynard Anti-bacterial Gel is a simple and effective way of reducing the transmission of infection without the need for soap, water and towels. Its fast acting formula contains Ethyl Alcohol and Chlorhexidine Digluconate and will kill 99.9% of the most common illness causing germs, whilst the addition of Aloe Vera and Vitamin E leaves the hands feeling soft and refreshed. The use of our antibacterial gels and sprays can help to significantly reduce the risk of infection from most types of influenza.
Packaging: 60, 236 ml
Product Code: REY-RHS405 (60ml), REY-RHS404 (236ml)

Reynard Alcohol-Free Foam Sanitiser
The new "alcohol-free" product leaves your hands hygienically clean, mosturised and virue free. Kind and gentle on the skin. Ideal for use in child care centres, schools, hospitals and personal use.

Product Code: REY-RHS702 (500ml)


Ultra Block Sunscreen
• Broad Spectrum SPF 30+ Protection • 4hrs Water Resistant • Sensitive For Your Family • Durable For The Workplace • Aloe Vera & Vitamin E
Packaging: 500 ml, 1 L
Product Code: QSASUN003 (500ml), QSASUN002 (1L)

Scentaire Urinal Screen
•165x140mm • Available in Sunburst or Mountain Air fragrance • Keeps debris out • Stops clogged drains • Built in deodoriser, • Good flow-through with no splash back
Packaging: 10 per pack
Product Code: GLO-BUR623MA, GLO-BUR624SB