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Clark Products

Clark's Laundry Powder
Laundry Powder
Premium quality enzymated laundry powder formulated for use in all types of machine and in hot or cold water.
Packaging: 5 KG
Product Code: CLK20070

Courtesy Cubes
Perfumed deodorant cubes for use in toilets, urinals and areas harbouring malodours.
Packaging: 3.5 KG
Product Code: CLK20801

Laundry Presoak
Laundry Presoak
Oxygen bleach powder for presoaking or stain treatment of fabrics.
Packaging: 10 KG
Product Code: CLK20134

Lime Dishwash Liquid
Dishwashing Detergent
High quality general purpose detergent which gives excellent results in all water conditions while being mild on hands.
Packaging: 5, 20 L
Product Code: CLK20212 (5L), CLK20216 (20L)

Perfumed sanitising spray for masking and eliminating unpleasant odours. Leaves the air fragrant and germ free.
Packaging: 250, 500 ml, 1, 5 L
Product Code: CLK20419 (250ml), CLK20420 (500ml), CLK20424 (1L), CLK20426 (5L)

Scouring cleaner
Powdered chlorinated, scouring cleaner and sanitiser for brightening stainless steel, cleaning porcelain and hard surfaces.
Packaging: 2, 10 KG
Product Code: CLK20530 (2KG), CLK20532 (10KG)

Sugar Soap
Multipurpose Cleaner
Concentrated alkaline multipurpose cleaner/sanitiser for use on all washable surfaces. Cleans sanitises and degreases in one operation. Not suitable for cleaning polished floors.
Packaging: 5, 20 L
Product Code: CLK20617 (5L), CLK20618 (20L)

True Grit Hand Cleaner
Hand Cleaner
High quality handcleaner with similar properties to HDC but with the addition of polymer grit to help remove stubborn ingrained dirt.
Packaging: 18 KG
Product Code: CLK20372

Hyposal Chlorinated Liquid
with cleaning and sanitising properties. Ideal for use on hard surfaces where strict clinical standard hygiene/ sanitising standards are required.

Available in 1L, Product code: CLK-ASE2900
and 5L, Product code: CLK-ASG2900

Clark Air Freshner
Crisp clean and refreshing. High quality, long lasting fragrance. Commercial grade formula.

Available in 600ml can
Product code: CLK-CDA0035